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Over the last 14 years, I have fully dedicated myself to my roles as a Psychotherapist, Family Practitioner, Therapeutic Supervisor, and NVR Parenting Programme facilitator. My professional journey is endorsed by my accreditation with respected bodies such as the BACP, AFT, ACAMH, and BICA. Having transitioned from teaching counselling to first-year students to offering private supervision for trainees, I have expanded my scope of work to include publishing papers and overseeing mental health support in various charities and schools. My passion for understanding human behavior and the systemic factors influencing our lives drives my commitment to this field.

In my practice, I prioritise addressing the unique challenges faced by each client, leveraging the transformative power of therapy to encourage personal growth, resilience, and fulfillment. A significant part of this process involves thinking about how we challenge our thought processes from different perspectives and understanding if our fears are rooted in present circumstances or stem from past experiences. This reflection is crucial for both personal and therapeutic development. My belief in the importance of continuous professional development keeps me abreast of the latest research and therapeutic techniques, ensuring that my clients benefit from the most effective and compassionate care available. I am a strong advocate for therapeutic thinking and employ 'brain gym' exercises as a tool for emotional fitness, facilitating deep self-exploration and understanding among my clients, thereby promoting lasting change and well-being in their lives.

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