As a couple's counsellor dedicated to enhancing communication, my practice focuses on enabling couples to explore the emotional dimensions of their experiences together, beyond mere facts. While my approach draws inspiration from Imago therapy, emphasising understanding and empathy as pathways to relationship healing, it is also enriched by the influential work of Drs. Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson. Their developmental model offers insightful frameworks for navigating the stages of relationship growth, teaching couples to confront and manage challenges that arise as their relationship evolves.

In addition to these methodologies, my expertise is grounded in systemic therapy training, which allows me to view relationships through a broader lens, considering the intricate web of interactions that influence couples. This holistic perspective ensures that the counseling process addresses not just the symptoms of discord but the underlying patterns and dynamics that contribute to them.

By integrating the principles of Imago therapy with the developmental insights of Bader and Pearson, my practice offers a comprehensive approach to couple's counseling. This blend encourages couples to not only delve into how their past influences their present interactions but also to navigate the complexities of their growth together as partners. The developmental model, in particular, provides valuable tools for understanding the stages of a relationship, empowering couples to anticipate and manage the challenges that accompany each phase.

Systemic training complements these approaches by enabling me to facilitate discussions that consider the couple's broader relational context, including family backgrounds, cultural influences, and other external factors. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of how these elements interplay with the couple's dynamics, offering richer insights and more effective strategies for strengthening their bond.

In my sessions, the emphasis is on creating a safe space for open expression, where both partners can feel heard and understood. We work collaboratively to develop communication skills that enhance empathy and connection, viewing conflicts not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and deeper understanding. My role is to guide couples through their journey of personal and relational development, supporting them in achieving a more satisfying, resilient, and loving relationship.


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