My therapeutic practice is dedicated to delving into the internal world of my clients, aiming to guide them towards personal growth and helping them achieve their goals. Throughout my career, I have honed the ability to customise various theoretical approaches to suit the individual needs and challenges faced by my clients. We collaborate to identify the origins of negative thoughts, disruptive narratives, and harmful patterns in relationships or family dynamics that influence their current state. I hold a firm belief in understanding the motivations behind behaviours, rather than merely addressing the behaviours without acknowledging their underlying causes. My systemic training enables me to address issues related to both past and present family dynamics effectively.

I conduct in-person sessions in Dulwich, SE22 and offer online consultations to accommodate clients who prefer or require remote access. Committed to remaining at the forefront of therapeutic advancements, I continuously refresh my knowledge to stay aligned with the dynamic field of therapy.

The cornerstone of my practice is the therapeutic relationship—a safe haven where clients are gently challenged to introspect and modify their behaviours, fostering the transformation they seek. as a space to help remain emotionally fit.

I offer a free 10 minute telephone consultation.


£80 per 50 minute session

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